Many years ago, I had a talk with God that went something like this:
“Dear God, thank you for my loving husband and three beautiful girls and a great life.
I appreciate all of them very much, but

I have this feeling inside that I’m meant to do more
than be a wife and mother.
 Please, God...tell me that I have more amazing things to do in this lifetime.”  
Then something weird happened.

I got really sick for a long time. You can call it the “dark night of the soul” but I call it the way the Universe got me to move in the direction of my life purpose.

I studied and became a practitioner in many different healing modalities: hypnotherapy, meridian tapping, coaching, psychic work and eventually I took a deep dive into a two year mastery program to become a medium.

People started calling me for hypnotherapy sessions and readings.

I then evolved into helping people heal, get clear and step into their life purpose through my own way of helping them. This consisted of coaching, psychic work and energy healing tools.  

And it worked.

I was intuitively guided to start an online Facebook group and that idea quickly grew to over 80,000 people.  

It felt like a movement and I could not have dreamed of something this special. I’m so proud of this group because out of it, I have help thousands of women and it is my honor to help you:

Understand and honor how you are wired as empaths+sensitives.

Develop your unique intuitive abilities.

You have a purpose in this lifetime and it is my job to help you see that,
get clear on what that looks
like for you.

Clear anything that stands in the way of you stepping into your purpose.


The great thing about being alive right now is that anyone can begin to develop their abilities, clear away the fears and blocks and step into being the healer, helper, lightworker you’re meant to be and create a life and business that you love.


"I appreciate Michelle's genuine and gentle approach to fostering me as a fellow healer and light worker to a greater understanding of my many quirks, as I call them."

Danielle Palma

"Michelle has great content and it has been tremendous in progressing me forward and transforming. The women in this group are also very supporting and caring, which also provides a great learning environment and unthreatening place to speak on various things we are experiencing."

Christine Greenwood

"I have experienced a measurable improvement in my financial situation since Michelle and I addressed my priorities. Michelle helped me focus on visualizing my desired monthly income."

Susan Walker


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