Join Intuition Circle for $37/month?

It’s not that easy to understand and
embrace your gifts alone.
Believe me, I tried and I was stuck for years.

Do you ever…
Consider yourself an empath+sensitive?
Pick up on the thoughts feelings and emotions of other people?
You can’t always tell your thoughts, feelings and emotions from other people.
You want to isolate yourself to get relief from other people’s feelings.
You pick up on the sadness and pain of others.
You suspect you have felt the presence of a loved one in spirit.
You just feel different from other people in your life.
AND… There is no one to talk to about all of this.

You may have tried isolating yourself, meditation, maybe even traditional therapy or medication to reduce some of the feelings of stress and sadness and you’re not sure how well it’s working.

 How do I know this?

Because it was me several years ago. I’ve seen this struggle again and again with sensitive women.

 Let me introduce you to Intuition Circle…

Intuition Circle is designed for women to help you understand and honor the way you are wired by developing your innate intuitive abilities.

Intuition Circle is designed for you to accurately hear your intuition, trust your intuition and act on your intuition. You will be amazed by how much you grow in your belief in yourself and what you’re capable of doing through Intuition Circle.

And… inside Intuition Circle you will also…
  • Get unstuck if you’re feeling stuck in aspects of your life
  • Understand how you are uniquely wired and that it’s your BIGGEST GIFT to yourself and others.
  • Feel connected to like-mined women
  • Feel joy again
  • Feel fulfilled by using your unique gifts
  • Get clear on your life purpose (yep…this naturally happens in this group)

The Intuition Circle has a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
If you are dissatisfied for any reason at all, ask for your money back and
receive a complete no-hassle refund. 
send an email to [email protected] 

Intuition Circle At-A-Glance

Each month you will receive a Intuition Circle Masterclass inside our Members area platform. I will not overwhelm you! I promise! This is you monthly dose of the Intuitive tools and techniques that we will cover for the month to build your intuitive muscle.

As a member you will have access to our online platform where you can access all the masterclasses, replays, Facebook group community and reading rooms.

Twice a month you will receive an email with everything going on in our community.  We will spotlight members, share wins, send love and support, and remind you of upcoming events. It’s a great way to stay plugged in and consistent with your practice.

Each month you will have an opportunity to get into the “hot seat” if you want and practice your skills in front of Michelle and she will coach, guide and support you in developing your skills. She will also answer any questions about the tools and techniques that you are using and practicing.
(Replays will be available.)

Each month we have a live reading mixer event where you can practice your new techniques in smaller groups.

Each month we hold a group reading circle. This gives you the opportunity to practice the tools and techniques that are being taught in that particular month’s masterclass. We will practice the current month’s masterclass technique on 1 volunteer member and practice as a group giving her a reading.
(Replays will be available.)

The reading room is for you to get together with other members and practice the tools that you will learn. 


Here’s what Intuition Circle members are saying…

“Michelle is amazing! The intuitive classes have been a great wealth of knowledge and guidance. I have learned so much from the master classes as well as the live classes. Every month is a new master class full of new material. I can honestly say this course and Michelle have given me the opportunity to explore and grow my gifts and abilities. It’s a warm and safe haven to learn and empath the beauty of being an empath.”

 -Nancy Myers

“I have been a part of Michelle’s Intuition Circle for 6 months now. I have always felf I had psychic abilities and mediumship abilities but never identified myself as a psychic, intuitive or medium. As I have been going through each masterclass every month, I have become more confident, no longer discount what I have experienced, and have a support group that I can talk to via the live chat calls or in the private fb group to also validate and test out what I am learning. I have read various books over the years on tapping into psychic abilities with very little success or it helping me in any way. Several classes inside of Intuition Circle, I felt lightyears ahead of whatever books marketed on the topic. Michelle has great content and it has been tremendous in progressing me forward and transforming. The women in this group are also very supporting and caring, which also provides a great learning environment and unthreatening place to speak on various things that we are experiencing. I highly recommend this group and Michelle as an instructor!” 

 -Christine Greenwood 

“I’m thankful for the Development Circle and this wonderful group of women. I’m still new to the concepts of empath and intuition and was looking for a safe place to grow. I found it here in this group. I’ve been able to give and receive empathic readings for the first time and it has been a wonderful experience! I used to think my thoughts and feelings were random, but through the lessons and practice I’m learning that there is meaning within them. I’m beginning to understand how my intuition, mind, heart, and body work together. It’s making me feel more stable and comfortable in the world. Michelle is a very kink, experienced and encouraging teacher, too. I’m excited to continue learning and growing into the person I was made to be.”


“I want to take this time and thank Michelle and the group for a wonderful experience of this class it has healed me in so many ways. It has also been fun and very rewarding to see myself in the group as we are all in different places in lives and path. Within this safe and sacred space we can step forward with fear anymore, feeling empowered with the tools that have been given here has helped me so much a hermit I was and am no more. Thank you for the wonderful knowledge and heart based center it has come from.”


“This is a very beautiful place to be, if you’re looking to develop your abilities. I feel at home, surrounded by like-minded friends. I can open and explore my abilities in the safety of this enviroment. The classes are light and very well organized. The group is private and small, so I feel a part of it and I feel recognized and appreciated for who I am. Blessing to all.”


“I’ve been in Intuition Circle since October. The class material is very well thought out and presented in a loving professional method. There is no judgement at all with this group. the group is very welcoming and kind. There are a lot of opportunities to share something if you would like. There are opportunities to practice the masterclass that is presented for the month. I’ve learned more about intuition and my gifts than I have from any other class that I have taken. I love being in the group. Michelle is a very good instructor and extremely knowledgeable.”

-Denise Czech

“Intuition Circle has been a great class for me to learn more about my gifts and other ways to use them. I love that we have explored other techniques and how to use them. The class format allows us to be with other like-minded, practice our gifts and learn about other ways to use our intuition. I also like that Michelle has created a reading room where we can reach out to other members and practicewhat we’ve learned. I am so happy that I have found this group, I have learned so much!”

-Kathy Olsen

Did I Mention All Of The Bonuses?

When You Join Intuition Circle, you will also receive over 30 lessons-our library of psychic & intuitive development tools and techniques is full stocked with over 30 videos of masterclasses, masterclass group reading replays, masterclass breakout session replays, and masterclass Q&A replays. You have instant access to the library when you sign up.


Intuition Circle is an online community of women that are interested in developing their intuitive abilities! Every month you get a Masterclass, group practice, small group practice, Q&A calls, and coaching calls with Michelle plus weekly wrap up emails spotlighting a member, sharing the wins and loving and support members who need some TLC. We also remind you of upcoming events.  You can connect with a supportive community in our Intuition Circle Members only Facebook group.

If you have any interest at all in developing your intuition, then it’s for you.  You might have some doubts or fears of “what if I don’t really have abilities but I’m here to tell you that those feelings are completely normal and the only way to move through those doubts and fears is to join and I will honor and support you wherever you are on your journey. If you don’t have a support system (aka: a group of people who are like you)  then Intuition Circle is for you

Everything is in the Membership portal! When you join, you will immediately receive an email with your log in information and and link to direct access to the membership portal.  You just log in and can access the masterclass, calendar of events, replays, live classes, Intuition Circle Members only Facebook Group. You can access the Membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  I send an Intuition Circle weekly wrap up email at the end of each week to encourage and support you and keep you consistent in developing your abilities!

That’s up to you! Honor where you are and how much time you have to devote to Intuition Circle. You can’t fall behind! We are women who have families and commitments and the best thing you can ever do for yourself is honor where you are AND commit to diving into your intuitive development as it serves you and your life.

It will be there waiting for you! You can go back to any masterclass, masterclass replay, etc., at any time and listen/read/watch/practice whenever you want. Intuition Circle gives you flexibility. There are no hard rules. We honor where you are in your development and there is no rush.

One of the biggest issues with sensitive women is that they do pick up on other people’s sadness, fears and anxiety pretty quickly. But, as you develop your intuitive abilities, you will become very clear about your energy and emotions vs. someone else’s. Part of your Intuitive development training is developing this awareness.  As you become more in-tune with how you’re wired, you will differentiate your energy and emotions from others and be able to release what is not yours in a loving way.

Intuition Circle is $37 a month.  The doors to Intuition Circle are only open a few times a year for a few days so that we can focus on teaching and supporting our members.  When we open the door again next the, the price will go up because there is so much more content and value the library of tools, techniques and replays grows.

There is no risk in enrolling. If you decide the Intuition Circle isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime by contacting us at [email protected]. Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged at your next billing date.

I want Intuition Circle to be a super safe place for women to connect and share deeply with one another and I have found through my years of teaching intuitive development that a women’s only group creates the best environment for this to take place.  I love and honor men…especially my own husband, but we women need our space:)

Yes! Most women who join doubt their abilities.  This is normal.  Intuition Circle is for any woman who has an interest in learning about Intuitive Development.  All you need in order to start is the desire to learn!  Intuition Circle gives you structure, support, inspiration and community as you begin your journey. In fact, it’s an awesome place to start thanks to the community (ask any question in the Facebook group) and the flexible structure. Instead of going in a million directions and feeling overwhelmed, you can lean on my guidance and start your practice with clarity!

Intuition Circle will enhance your current intuitive abilities. I’ve been developing intuitive abilities now for many years and I’m always surprise how much I learn when I’m practicing consistently with like-minded woman.


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