Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you in order to create space for what you really want?

We call this the InnerWork and let's sprinkle in some ease & fun while we are manifesting.

Learn how to manifest the life you want from the inside out (aka: the innerwork).

You're about to deep dive (with fun and ease!) into conscious and subconscious work and learn tools & techniques to manifest what you want.

In this 5-week course you will: 

  1. Get clarity on your life. Get clear on what’s important to you. Get clear on what’s NOT important to you. Get clarity on your life purpose. Goodbye scattered, overwhelm and confusion!
  2. You will learn how prioritize your time/days/weeks based on what is important to you.'re super important and you know it, so let's start living this truth.
  3. For the 5-week experience, you will pick 1 area of your life to focus on and manifest 1 thing you want in 1 area of your life. You will learn how to keep your focus on that 1 thing. I know there's so many things you want to manifest!! But I'm teaching the innerwork manifesting process so that you can do over and over again once you learn it.
  4. This inner work sh*t will come up for all of us and that’s a good thing! This is the stuff that you will be ready to let go of to create space for manifesting!  You'll learn innerwork tools & techniques to process and transform the "stuff" you're ready to let go of. 
  5. You’ll learn the Gain and Gap Framework and how to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. It's easier than it sounds once you learn it!
  6. You’ll learn to access your future self. The future you who already has that which you desire. Future you has the answers and wisdom and she’s lives within you now.
  7. You’ll learn to love and support the yesterday you if she needs some TLC. Yes...we are brining all the pieces of you back together again. 
  8. You’ll learn how to see evidence of what you are manifesting in physical reality within the 5-week experience. I mean it....I want you to see, feel and experience actual evidence that you are manifesting the thing you said you wanted to manifest.
  9. You’ll learn and experience the Weed and Seed MethodI teach this inside The InnerWork Life Coaching Certification + Business Academy. I'm sharing it with you because it works. 
  10. Lifetime access to The InnerWork Manifesting 5-Week Course. You'll be a manifesting machine once you know the process.    


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