Hi, I'm Michelle.


Founder & CEO of The InnerWork Life Coaching Certification + Business Academy. I created this high touch certification program because of my own desire to help people alleviate some of the struggles I faced along the way.


Here's my journey...

Many years ago, I had a talk with God that went something like this:


“Dear God, thank you for my loving husband and three beautiful girls and a great life. I appreciate all of them very much, but I have this feeling inside that I’m meant to do more than be a wife and mother. Please, God...tell me that I have more amazing things to do in this lifetime.”


Then something weird happened.


I got really sick for a long time. You can call it the “dark night of the soul” but I call it the way the Universe got me to move in the direction of my life purpose. 

During this time, I studied and became a practitioner in many different healing modalities. As I was learning these modalities, I realized I was using all the training as a way to help me heal myself and my children.


I then developed my own method of helping people heal...


I used a combination of many of the modalities I studied and practiced along with my own gifts and abilities.


It worked.


My confidence grew. 

My clients grew. 

My client roster grew.


I created a step-by-step repeatable innerwork life coaching framework that created measurable and lasting change for my clients.

I knew that this framework could be repeated by anyone who had a desire to learn it which has evolved into The InnerWork Life Coaching Certification + Business Academy of today. 

Meet Michelle Lagaly

Founder & CEO

Michelle Lagaly a psychic medium turned intuitive life coach helping women develop their own abilities, become the healers & coaches they are meant to be and create the impact and income they are born to make.

I founded The InnerWork Life Coaching Certification + Business Academy because of my own desire to help people with the struggles I faced along the way. 

I didn’t believe I was “good enough” to help people beyond my family and friends. My intuitive readings felt more like entertainment than the transformation that I wanted to help my clients with. My life coaching was seen as a “hobby” or something I did in my spare time. It was so frustrating.  I didn’t have a community of other aspiring coaches and mentors to help me see what was possible for me. I knew that I wanted more. I knew that I wanted to be an life coach and make a living working with people this way.

I dedicated myself to:

  • Training beyond psychic work & mediumship which included hypnosis, hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Yoga, life coaching and many more. (Unfortunately, I got caught up in the pattern of needing 1 more certification before I could really “put myself out there.”)
  • Owning my desire to build a profitable business as an Intuitive Life Coach 
  • Investing in myself by hiring help for the resistance and blocks that showed up on the path to creating a profitable business. 
  • Investing in my business to create real clients and real income. 
  • Learning how to attract clients and charge for my services. 
  • Creating step by step frameworks in my business that create consistent results for my clients and consistent revenue for my business.

I’ve now created a 6-figure brick and mortar intuitive coaching business and an online multi 6-figure intuitive coaching business and am passionate about helping women see that it’s possible to make real impact in the world and create real income doing it.

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