"I was drawn to The InnerWork Program after having spent some time in Michelle's Empaths and Sensitives Group. I appreciate Michelle's genuine and gentle approach to fostering me as a fellow healer and light worker to a greater understanding of my many quirks, as I call them. In my time thus far in The InnerWork Program, I have been able to dive deeper into my long endured pain and, even better, I have learned how to work with it and begin to heal without using medication or taking drastic measures. For the first time in a very long time, I feel as though I have been rescued from the quicksand I had been wallowing in and never thought I'd find my way out. I appreciate Michelle and the way she has designed the program. In addition to being quirky like me, she is funny, supportive, and loving. She genuinely cares about my journey and well-being. Working with her has been life transforming for me."

InnerWork Participant

"Michelle has been helping me with many aspects of my life for the last three to five years. Recently, I asked for help related to finances including bi weekly earnings, college tuition planning, short term savings as well as retirement savings. Prior to our session, I was experiencing an increase in my compensation each month but it seemed it was going out as soon as it came in. Michelle helped me focus on visualizing my desired monthly income as well as visualizing the money staying in my account. Since we met 6 weeks ago, my monthly income has exceeded my visualized amount, my bonus calculation came in higher than expected and my phone is blowing up with buyers for items I’ve posted on Facebook marketplace. I have experienced a measurable improvement in my financial situation since Michelle and I addressed my priorities."

Susan Walker
Private Client

"I would like to encourage anyone feeling the pull to join the intuition circle to not think twice about it and do it! Your not feeling that way by chance or mistake. Dont second guess it just do it! Its your calling card thats its your time to come into your own self discovery. Of your gifts of your lifes purpose. And most importantly understanding of all that came before that brought you to here in this time and space. A very safe place to find and discover healing for yourself and if you so choose how to bring healing and self love to others. A place to unpack yourself from the box that life, society, religion, old belifes, and self has been hiding inside of. A safe place to discover practice what you learn and grow in a non jugmental place. Come join us welcome we need you just as much as you us. Peace love and light."

Marylee Dean
Intuition Circle Participant

"The Intuition Circle Program has proved to be the missing piece to my puzzle. There's some structure, which I need in some ways, but no pressure or forced way to do things. This program has helped me to move forward in the direction I feel compelled to go in. Before joining, I had given up hope of being able to do much of anything with my gift. Michelle has taught me to trust it and be confident in it. I have learned that how my gift works is unique to me and there's no right or wrong way to allow, accept, and experience it. I very much like the group calls because not only do I get to share my gift, and grow each time I do, I'm learning from others in the group as well. Having set times for these calls forces me to take time for myself and do what I enjoy. One whole hour for just me, doing what feeds my Soul, is simply delicious!! 🙂 I also enjoy watching the replay of these calls because I learn even more about myself and sometimes I get more information for the other participants. Michelle is an awesome facilitator and mentor. There is no pressure, no guilt, much love, and a wealth of knowledge in this program. It's one of the best things I've ever done for myself ❤"

Paula Furbush
Intuition Circle Participant

"I've been in Ituition Circle since October. The class material is very well thought out and presented in a loving professional method. There is no judgement at all with this group. The group is very welcoming and kind. There are a lot of opportunities to share something if you would like. There are opportunities to practice the lesson that was/is presented for the month. I've learned more about intuition and my gifts than I have from any other class that I have taken. I love being in this group. Michelle is a very good instructor and extremely knowledgeable."

Denise Czech
Intuition Circle Participant

"I have been a part of Michelle’s Intuition Circle for 6mths now. I always felt I had psychic and mediumship abilities but never identified myself as a psychic, intuitive or medium. As I have been going through each masterclass every month, have become more confident, no longer discount what I have experienced, and have a support group that I can talk to via the live chat calls or on the facebook page to also validate and test out what I am learning. I have read various books over the years on tapping into psychic abilities with very little success or it helping me in anyway, several classes in I felt this was lightyears ahead of whatever books marketed on this topic. Michelle has great content and it has been tremendous in progressing me forward and transforming. The women in this group are also very supporting and caring, which also provides a great learning environment and unthreatening place to speak on various things we are experiencing. I highly recommend this group and Michelle as an instructor!"

Christine Greenwood
Intuition Circle Participant

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